The Storm
I grew up in a very loving home with very loving parents. My mother did everything she could think of to try to keep us from being corrupted by the wiles of this world. Despite my parents’ best efforts, I began smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol at the age of thirteen. By the age of eighteen, I had already spent five years in Intensive Drug and Alcohol Probation, spent time at two different juvenile detention centers, several stays at rehab, reform schools, and was about to father my first child.

As the years passed, I graduated to harder drugs and the adult prison/probation system. I had attempted sobriety several times but always failed, never finding a program that worked for me.

After the Storm
In February of 2009, I attended my first Reformers Unanimous meeting at the prompting of my girlfriend that I had hurt because of my addictive behavior. My life has not been the same since. I was born again in Christ on March 17, 2009. I have experienced an incredible transformation by the grace of God working in my life. Valley Forge Baptist, the RU program, the pastors, and leaders have had a profound impact on me. I am a sober man today because of their biblical teaching and wisdom in overcoming addictions. Through obedience to God’s Word I have finally found peace, happiness, and victory I never thought possible.

In August of 2009, God allowed me to marry the woman whom He used to bring me to RU. We were baptized in January of 2010 and joined Valley Forge Baptist. God has done amazing miracles in my life, and I look forward to what He has for me and my family as we continue to grow in Christ. I thank God for giving me a wonderful freedom that only comes from Him!