Getting Lost
I was raised in a middle class family. My parents were good people; kind, hard-working, and good-natured. All in all, I had a pretty normal upbringing. My addiction started around 15-16. I started smoking pot. I did not drink much until I was 21 and then I took to drinking like a fish to water. I guess it came naturally, because my father drank also. He drank every day and would take me or my siblings with him after work to the bar or to the firehouse on Saturdays.

Along with drinking, I used cocaine, some speed, and prescription pills. I smoked and drank for nearly 20 years. I received multiple D.U.I.’s and spent about 18 months in prison. It was during my incarceration that I realized I was on a path to destruction.

Finding Hope
While in prison, I could go home on weekends for furlough. Since I realized I was on this destructive path, I decided to go back to church. I attended church with my mother at Valley Forge Baptist. It seemed like every sermon was about me and my life. With every sermon I heard, my heart began to soften. On a Sunday in early February 2008, after one of those sermons, an invitation was given to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior. I lifted my hand and prayed with Pastor Wendal. I went forward and proclaimed my faith and love for my Savior Jesus Christ, answering a mother’s prayer after 20 years. I have a now been clean for many years because of God’s work in my life. Christ’s impact on my life made me realize the truth about life and how He wants me to live.

Attending Valley Forge Baptist has allowed me to grow so much and my participation in the RU program gave me the tools for staying sober. I praise God for His patience with me and His work in my life. Thank you, Lord!